How businesses use Vimeo for employee communications:

  • Executive communications

  • Team onboarding and training

  • Asynchronous collaboration


Energize your workforce

  • Host town halls that no one will want to miss

    Our virtual events capabilities bring your employees together—no matter where they are in the world—for town halls that drive high engagement and interaction.

  • Keep all of your teams in the know

    Leadership communication is a powerful force for driving clarity and inspiration. Get your teams on the same page with a timely video message.

  • Measure the impact of your communications

    Vimeo measures employee interaction, engagement, and compliance so you can drive alignment across your organization.


Boost team performance

Make onboarding quick and easy

Get new hires up to speed fast with engaging onboarding videos that excite and inform your workforce better than any document could.

Maximize professional development

With easy-to-create videos, you can offer your employees consistent, skills-based training that has a real impact on their professional growth.


Collaborate together. Whenever.

  • Accelerate team communication and clarity

    Our webcam and screen recorder lets your teams send status updates or explain complex workflows in a fraction of the time it takes to send an email.

  • Help your people work better together

    With Vimeo Enterprise, your teams get a centralized video hub where they can organize, find, and share the content that helps them work smarter.

  • Create a work-from-anywhere culture

    Vimeo makes remote work feel less remote with virtual events that bring distributed teams together. Encourage interaction with polls, Q&A, chat, and more.

“Email for internal communications is one-dimensional. There’s no context or inflection. The more video we bring [to our internal comms], the more people can feel that excitement.”

Seth Weingarten, Vice President Network Operations

“Our first town hall on Vimeo was a pivotal moment that allowed us to reach more associates than we ever could through live, in-person events. People were excited to engage in a modern, easy, fun way.”

Peter Strella, Director of Communications & Creative Media Services

“Employee training used to lack energy; they became impersonal to only see slides and hear voices. Live streaming has helped build out company culture and make things personal again.”

Michael Melhorn, Multimedia Director

What Vimeo offers businesses like yours

  • Cinematic quality

    Since 2004, Vimeo has delivered the highest quality video online—from our customizable, ad-free player to our best-in-class virtual events platform.

  • Intuitive design

    You don’t need your own production team to produce TV-quality video experiences. Our product suite is designed to make professional video accessible to all.

  • World-class security

    Vimeo Enterprise is secured with single sign-on access and SCIM for managing granular user permissions. We’re verified with an SOC Type 2 report.

  • Always-on support

    Our customer support team is available to help, 24/7. Enterprise members also receive dedicated account managers and a guaranteed uptime SLA.

Ready to transform the way your company communicates?