Join + channels using Vimeo OTT for online video monetization.

  • + apps created 100% in-house

  • + end users

  • live streams annually

We handle the tech so you can focus on content.

Say bye-bye to hiring engineers and support teams, dealing with third parties, and managing app upkeep. Say hello to tech that scales with you. Vimeo OTT includes:

  • Free migration, no downtime

  • Branded OTT apps with in-app purchase

  • App development, submission, management

  • Live streaming with auto-archive

  • In-depth, real-time insights

  • 24/7 support for you and subscribers

    Launch your OTT platform instantly.

    Offer subscribers a streaming service as user-friendly as Netflix, and just as seamless across devices. Beam flawless video anywhere — live or on-demand — to Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, and Xbox apps.

    Custom apps on the platforms your viewers use every day

    More ways to monetize

    Reach your audience your way. With a universal purchasing experience across the web and apps, Vimeo OTT offers the most diverse monetization models available, including:

      • Subscription VOD Platform (SVOD)

      • Transaction VOD Platform (TVOD)

      • Advertising VOD Platform (AVOD)

      • Free VOD Platform (PVOD)

    Get simple, transparent pricing

      • No start-up costs, pay-as-you-go model

      • Straightforward pricing that scales from 1 subscriber to 1M+

      • Go global in every market, language, and currency

      • No hidden bandwidth fees for growing too fast

      • Full control of your subscriber data and brand — forever

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    Leverage marketing and advanced video analytics tools.

    Vimeo OTT has a built-in analytics dashboard, so it’s simple to monitor how your viewers and subscribers are tuning in. Here, you’ll get a complete breakdown of how your OTT channel is performing, so you can:

      • Attract more subscribers with built-in marketing and promotion tools

      • Inform your pricing by looking at why subscribers join and stay

      • Build a content plan around what subscribers watch and where

      • Understand customer lifetime value (LTV) and churn with detailed analytics

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    We shifted our focus entirely on digital last year. We wanted to deliver a better experience for our clients, and build a sustainable solution that would exist with or without our studios open — which led us to Vimeo OTT. We were so hyper motivated to stay connected, we built Y7 Online in about three to four weeks.

    Lauren Roxborough

    CMO, Y7 Studio


    What does OTT mean?

    OTT stands for “over the top,” which means that a content provider is going “over the top” to provide video directly to the consumer. Basically, it’s a fancy way of saying that OTT providers take videos straight to users who want them, without the go-between of using broadcast or cable platforms.

    What is OTT platform?

    An OTT platform can be any streaming service that supplies content online. The key is that OTT platforms don’t use distributors like broadcast, cable, or satellite platforms. Instead, users can go directly to the OTT platform for the content they want.

    How does OTT work?

    OTT platforms send content over a high-speed internet connection, as opposed to using traditional distributors like cable or IPTV. This way, users can access the content they want straight from the creator, without having to go through an intermediary. OTT content is typically video and is watched on any device that has an internet connection (and, y’know, a screen).

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