“Fattoria Scuola La Buona Terra” is a farm in Passignano where long-term volunteers have gone to pick olives.

“Work is demanding. You have to be fast and think fast. See, the carpets have to be layered one above the other so that it is easier to harvest olives. You need to figure out the best way to do so and then act on it because then the guys removing olives can proceed to the next tree straight away,” shares Jack, a volunteer from Sweden.

Earthquake in 2016 hit the region where farm is located. It created a water pit damage and the farm was left without proper access to water. Furthermore, many schools canceled their visits. The whole economy in the neighbourhood went down as a result of decrease in tourism field.

Now, after two years, owners of the farm have coped problems caused by the earthquake but the work of volunteers helps a lot to proceed.

Video by Klinta Madara

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