This is Matt Woollons, from England. He is currently working as a short term volunteer at Fix in Art. Before he joins the EVS, he is a street performer with his beatbox talent. Music is matter to him because it is what we can feel and share with other people no matter where are they come from. One of his dreams is to build an internet radio so he can share what he loves wider. Although it is kind of his wildest dream to build one on his own. Eventually, during his 2 months of EVS, he has the opportunity to make it while working as a volunteer. He plans to renovate the old trailer into a studio. Beside sharing music, one of the reasons why Matt wants to create this because he wants to spread the opportunities of volunteering to the fewer opportunity people, as well as promoting the event and workshops in Fix in art. After completing the project and his EVS, he wants this project to continue by the other volunteers and hoping that this internet radio will spread and reach to the people that looking for their opportunity.

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