Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is a Nepali NGO based in Kathmandu that organizes workcamp in all the country.

This NGO’s purpose is to reduce the marginalization of several disadvantaged communities. It promotes programs about education, health, income generation and basic infrastructure, involving local and international volunteers in training and researches.

It has a consolidated local staff but, at the same time, offers volunteering and internship placements to people from all over the world.

After the terrible earthquake that destroyed the entire school in 2015, kids and teachers moved to another structure where hygiene conditions were precarious.

So, the executive director, Bhupendra Ghimire, and a group of volunteers gave birth to the “Toilet construction project”. Thus, this new project involved the local community and 21 volunteers. An architect, Raju Bhawali, worked like a volunteer to made the architectural plan for the new toilets.

Finally, the construction works started! In few weeks new clean toilets will be ready to let children and teachers work in a comfortable school.

This is one of their projects focused on Children Development. In conclusion, working this way the Kathmandu community will have the chance to live and work in a better and healthy environment.

Credits to: Dániel HernádiBoglárka Horváth

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