One day in Mr Chen’s life: he shows us his tuk tuk, his family and all the aspirations for the future.

Who’s Mr Chen?

Mr Chen is one of the 10000 tuk tuk drivers in Siem Reap. It is one of the easiest job to get  for people with a low education, so a lot of people in the suburbs decide to buy a motorbike to do that job.

He worked in a restaurant but since he got married he started drive tuk tuk, a more profitable job.

From 5 am to 8 pm he takes tourists to the most famous monuments of the city. He also explains the features of each site.

His family is composed by a wife and two little children, a boy and a girl. He’s waiting to collect enough money to send them in a better school then the public one. He also wants to rebuild his house, because it is always awashed during the rain season.

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