CYA aims to promote international voluntary services in Cambodia by engaging Cambodian youths and international volunteers in environmental preservation, community development, and youth and child education. VISION A world where global citizens are fully participated voluntarily contributing to create a peaceful and sustainable development world.

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Associazione Kora was founded in August 2015 to promote social and cultural awareness for its members (mainly youth) through outdoor life, socialisation opportunities, nutrition and sustainability. Kora is situated in Passignano sul Trasimeno on an educational farm “La Buona Terra” where it collaborates with other entities who have their activities on the farm.

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GREAT is a national NGO/ association concerns in youth issue and international voluntary service (IVS). In conducting its activity, GREAT partners with organizations/ institutions both within and outside the country. GREAT motto is think globally, act locally and individually we change ourselves each, and together we change the world.

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BVBP is a national youth organization, which develops voluntary service activities at national level.
It was created on 23 November 1982, as an Agreement following the 2nd encounter of mayors of the main cities of the Andean Pact (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru), in preparing the bicentennial commemoration of Simón Bolivars birth date. Our national seat is in the city of Lima, with local branches in most regions of the country.

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After the first year of working with the local community board (Junta de acción comunal) we realized that the community was asking for a better image and reputation outside the neighborhood, so we understood that is essential to create collectivities where all citizens can explore their roles as active participants of the city. They were tired of being perceived as a deprived area and feeling marginalized from the rest of the city, even from the municipality where they belong (Municipality of La Candelaria, Bogotá ́s old town).

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Associação Quinta das Relvas is an organization located at a farm with an amazing natural heritage, where a group of youngsters work to promote and develop actions involving thematics such as environmental problems, sustainability, permaculture, plastic & performative arts. Our main aim is to educate youth to be more active on their local communities, to be more eco-friendly and to live healthier lifestyles.

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Anazitites Theatrou is a not-for-profit organisation located in Thessaloniki,, Greece whose staff are passionate people that aim to foster sustainability, creativity, tolerance and social inclusion. Anazitites Theatrou organises and hosts training courses, seminars, workshops and meetings regarding arts and crafts, culture, rewarding recycling and literature. It hosts all kinds of art. Our mission is to create an inspirational space where we find new ways to lead sustainable lives, communities, households and businesses. A home for creativity in all its form.

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This cooperative was founded in April 2010 to promote sustainable development, international mobility, responsible citizenship, solidarity, ecologic commitment and mutual understanding between individuals and countries. IDC cooperative project is based on both tourism and nature heritage preservation, in a linked intercultural process even carrying out sensitisation and awareness campaigns on the environment.

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