Workcamp in Kathmandu: the road construction!

What will happen when you put together 14 volunteers from all over the world in Kathmandu and set up a workcamp? They can do incredible things in a very short time! This is one of V.I.N.’s projects focused on basic infrastructure.

V.I.N. (Volunteer Initiative Nepal), a Nepalese NGO, is helping roads and buildings reconstruction in Kathmandu Valley. Here, the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake killed over 8000 people and injured more than 21000.

Schools, hospital and roads have all been severely damaged. Many roads are still a total mess and people can’t use them.

Hence, this project aims to help Nepalese people come back to a normal life, rebuilding functional infrastructures. With this project people will come back to travel regularly in the Kathmandu Valley.

In addiction, the high spirit and the good mood brought by the guys, made all the work less heavy.

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