What is a youth exchange? an experience that improves our awareness about the world.

How long can be the way to a better life? What are the obstacles to be overcome to get away from the war? Are migrants and refugees a richness or a problem for the hosting countries?

So, these are the questions that everyone should answer. And this is a project that let people think about a current and fundamental issue.

47 young potential Youths Across Europe had come together working for Migrant right under the youth exchange called Stay Human. This exchange took place in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy and was organized by Associazione Joint.

During this youth exchange, all the participants had put themselves in migrant shoes in order to feel the pain, hopeless and not respected.

Moreover, the voices of migrants have been passed to the public and the world through these young people. This exchange was brought to life by the Youth Company Association and Joint Association under the program Erasmus+.

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