To go volunteering abroad and gain many new friends… animals.

Kaisa and Juliette are working in an animal shelter “Parco Faunistico Piano dell’Abatino”. The park is divided in two parts: rescue centre and sanctuary. In the sanctuary there are mostly exotic animals, and rescue centre is inhabited by native animals that have been injured or need a special care.

Girls are taking care of these animals: monkeys, deers, ducks, raccoons, emus, flying foxes, boars, llamas, turtles, badgers, lynxes, peacocks, pelicans and others.

“Besides feeding and cleaning we also do enrichment – we try to make the environment better for the animals. That is one of my favourite parts of the job,” Kaisa admits.

Video by Klinta Madara, Roberta Papp and Raphael Conedera.

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