Our volunteer from Vietnam met a volunteer from Belgium during a workcamp in Liege.

“I was born in Liege and have been living here for whole my life. This is my home, my youth. 10 years ago, we started from a small informal group of 4 closed friends included me who have the same idea about creating a place that people can come and discuss, practice environmental techniques to protect and improve our environment. We found and old house and rebuilt it. Three years after starting, we succeeded in lobbying and received an agreement and budget from the government.

Since then, we creating activities, workshops and hosting volunteers around the world to our yearly work camps. Sometimes there are difficulties when the government stops providing us, but I’m still here, 24/7, working and living for this center. Even in more 10 years, it still be my purpose of life.”

Coordinator François of the “LA cite invent eco-center”.

Credits to: An WuPhương Hà Trần


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