“My name is Chloe. I’m nine years old and I’m a pupil in “L’Enfance de l’Art” school in Tournai.

My house is just 10 minutes away by car and it’s been three years since I started studying here. I go to school less than 5 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are 30 pupils in my class, we are all good friends to each other. At school, we usually spend 2 or 3 months to study 1 subject. But it’s not boring at all because my teachers always guide us to learn in a creative and easy way.

We learn about geography, music, mathematics, sewing and so on. Our teachers are friendly, patient and very supportive. I always feel free to ask them as many questions as I can.

Apart from studying time, we also have a lot of other activities such as reading, storytelling and playing in the playground.

The school is big and close to nature. There are lots of things you can explore in the playground. I especially love jumping on the rope with my best friend, Clemence. Not like the other schools, in this one, I do less homework and enjoy my studying time. Especially, you will bring your own lunch when you go to school. It’s interesting because, at lunch time, we have so many different food on the tables. I did go to many other schools before studying here and I love where I’m now. I hope I can keep studying here in the future and make friends with more and more pupils here.”

Chloe, 9 years old, Tournai, Blegium.

Credits to: Phương Hà TrầnAn Wu


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