A new life

“I have been against the violence for whole my life. But life keeps playing jokes on me. A few years ago, when I was younger, I was captivated by the police for a nonsense reason in my country.

It was the darkest time in my life. Every time I think about it, it’s still there, lively and clearly, just like a thriller movie in my head. Then one day, I had a little chance to escape, I took it and run for life. I was running all night long, running away from that horrible place.

I just had nowhere to go, my family moved away. I hadn’t heard anything about them since I was kept. I couldn’t go to the hospital while I was seriously injured. It was a lonely and frightening night.

Then I tried to reach the nearest city and got help from a friend there. I attempted to go to France after that because I heard my mom was there. Luckily, France welcomed and accepted me. I started to learn French and tried to find my family everywhere.

I didn’t get anything from my efforts. The moment that I saw my family again after years made me cry out of happiness. And now here I am, in France, with my family doing a job that I love in a beautiful campsite in Carcassonne.

I’ve always wanted to do volunteering because I want to help immigrants like me to adapt to the country and have a better life here. We all have fled here in fear of lives and are simply looking for refuge. Anytime I think about the darkest time, I appreciate my life now and want to create a useful one.”

Kirill Badamshin, 26 years old, IDC volunteer responsible, Kazakhstan.

Credits: An WuPhương Hà Trần


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