Fernando, 27 years old from Alicante, is one of the 17 participants to the workcamp organized by IDC with the aim to build an ecological and sustainable house only with natural materials.Wildlife lover, he joint the workcamp to learn how to build sustainable structures,  one more opportunity nature gives us.

“I have many fears in my life. One of my fears is living separate from my mother. And I successfully defeated it by living by myself in a mountain surrounded by wild pigs, foxes and also snakes. Even if she always asks me not to leave her, I still keep doing this as my choice. It’s my life and I have to be responsible for myself. And the reason why I prefer forest to live is because I have a power that is too big to spend in a city. So, I give all this power to the nature. What we give to the nature, the nature will give back to us. Because I believe that nature is our mother. It’s also the mother of my mother. Hehe”.Credits to: Sefty Hanida FitriyaniTengku Antony Satria

Fernando 27

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