It was July 2016 when three girls from different countries, Fran, Sumru and Cristina, meet each other in order to participate in the construction of a new structure, an eco-building made only with natural materials.


Interviewer: “Can you introduce yourselves girls?”

Sumru: “I am Sumru, a 24 years old Turkish girl”

Fran: “I am Fran, 20 years old, from England”

Cristina: “And I am Cristina, 18 years old, from Madrid, Spain”

I: “How do you know each other?”

C: “We participated in the same workcamp, eco-building construction, in Camping Le Belvedere hosted by IDC”

I: “What will you remember of each other after finishing the camp and being apart?”

S: “I will remember my teatime friend, Fran, who always helped me to speak English with her beautiful accent. Of course also, my baby girl Cristina, the youngest participant among us but that look so mature, kind and clever.”

F: “Aw. That’s so nice, Sumru! Me….hmm I won’t forget her who made us all jealous of Turkish breakfast and how motivated she is to learn Korean during our break times. Cool girl! Cristina, she has a never ending supply of t-shirts from different activist projects she’s been involved in, all with a story behind them. I spent really good time with both of them.”

C: “Well, now my turn. I’m very glad meeting you girls. I will always remember Sumru’s dances, or when she was sitting in the place of hemp doing absolutely nothing, like a plant. Fran, from now on every time I’ll see a turtle, I will remember you. Haha. Also with the accent how you pronounce “a bottle of water”.

Cristina LandaFran MillsSumru Aytekin

Credits to: Sefty Hanida FitriyaniTengku Antony Satria

Volunteyes France #2

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