Giulia and Francesca are very close friends: environmental studies make them friends and a workcamp about environmental issues brought them in Lastours.


“She is Francesca. I met her at the university. We study the same thing: Human Sciences of the Environment, also known as geography.

From the first day we met, we had so many things to tell each other that we immediately started to go out and spend hours planning, sharing and dreaming about the things we both loved. Our friendship is the best thing I have ever experienced. This is my best relationship. It is pure love. There is no jealousy, envy or possession. We shared everything we had and through that, we learned and evolved. I am not sure if we built this friendship on purpose, or everything just brought us to this special thing. But it doesn’t matter because it is a full experience that changes its shape every day. And It is inspiring us and others anyway. “

Giulia Apolloni & Francesca Madonna , 23 years old, Milano.

Credits to: Sefty Hanida FitriyaniTengku Antony Satria


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