“Hi, my name is Andres Deri I am 27 years old; I grew up here in Hortobagy Hungary. I’ve studied at Art and Dance Academy in Brussels and I also studied in several dance academies around Europe. I became a contemporary dancer & amp; now I’m a choreographer. I have been free dancing with other artists in Europe for a while. During that time I also have been giving some free teaching and dancing workshops.

The thing I love most is to provide peace and harmony through the dancing. My belief is that everything has a purpose, we are here to spread peace and love to others as we are the creation of God. I like spreading dance because I think life is a piece of art.

The things I hate the most are the conflicts between nations that split in different factions; according to my point of view, there shouldn’t exist at all. Sometimes we just forget that we are all equal, with same feelings and dreams.

My dream is to start my own dancing academy and spread my dance and my philosophy all around the world.

Andres Deri, 27 years old, Hungary

Credits to: Nirajan Jung RayamajhiKrishna Parajuli


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