Nurhayati, 19 years old and a strong sensitivity to environmental issues, decides to participate for the first time in the workcamp  as a volunteer.

“I live in Batu Loceng since I was born. Before, my parents were living in another city with my sister and her family. I just finished the school, but I want to continue my studies. I’m going to work next year to earn money to pay for it, because here studies are really expensive, about 25 000 000 Rp for one year (25K Rp = approximately 1900 USD). I hope to get soon a job with my aunt in a textile factory. For now, I’m helping my parents in their daily work in the farm and taking care of the house. Later, I would like to be a chef, a bahasa teacher, or a secretary.

I like the life here, because I’m with my parents and in the mountains there is no pollution. But sometimes people don’t respect the environment, they used to waste plastic and paper everywhere and they don’t let the village clean. Next week I will participate to the environmental workcamp organized by Great in my village. It will be my first time as a volunteer, and I feel really excited about this new experience!”

Nurhayati – 19 Years Old


Credits to: Maïva VercoutPierre Jonqueres D’oriola

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