Elise, a workcamps veteran, is very interested in the environmental issues. She thinks our planet deserves a better treatment from its inhabitants and participate in the workcamp is the first step to know how we can improve our behavior.


“I already joined three workcamps before this one organized by Great.

My first was in Cambodia when I was 18 years old. Then, I went to Palestine in 2012 at 50km of Gaza and in Morocco.

I wanted to participate to this workcamp because it’s about environmental preservation and sustainable development. It’s a real cause, a part of our life and we can’t deny it. It’s really important to make people realize it through different actions!

I like traveling, but with volunteering, we know deeper the local culture. We live with the population the same way they live, it helps to understand their mindsets and their values!”

Elise Simonin, 21 years old, Belgium

Credits to: Maïva VercoutPierre Jonqueres D’oriola


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