“My name is Chiaki, I’m a Japanese volunteer here in Bandung. I’ve just finished my studies in Mathematics and Management. I already have been two times volunteer in several workcamps in Cambodia and in Indonesia. This time, I wanted to be a camp leader to improve my skills in English, management and to take more responsibilities, that’s why I applied for this workcamp in Cikapundung.

There are so many things to do here: sensitization about trash management, cleaning the rivers and work with the local communities to make it sustainable. All of this in only two weeks. That’s why I applied, but also because I want to support Indonesian organizations. I love this country and I want it to become as clean as it used to be. People here reproduce our past mistakes. When we come here I think we should be an example by adapting our behaviors and showing them how wrong it has been in our countries! I want to keep this initiative sustainable, so I will come back again.

Be a camp leader was a bit hard for me, I had to take care of seven volunteers at the same time. I had to face some difficulties. For instance, when they got sick, when they don’t understand the tasks because of the language barrier or when they have special needs that we must satisfy. Sometimes it’s very difficult but it’s a good challenge that makes you grow up!

GREAT is a good organization, the staff is highly motivated and they take their initiative seriously.

My sending organization “Nice” wants to make the world colorful. It reach this goal connecting volunteers all around the world through international workcamps and exchanges. They have so many projects, in more than 90 countries!

Now I will come back in Japan, I will return to my university, I will give my feedback and I’ll keep in touch with Nice and Great, to apply as soon as possible for the coming workcamp in Cikapundung and in Indonesia.I’m already looking forward to it.”

Chiaki Obata, 24 years old, volunteer from Japan.

Credits: Maïva VercoutPierre Jonqueres D’oriola

Volunteyes Indonesia #5
Volunteyes Indonesia #5
Volunteyes Indonesia #5
Volunteyes Indonesia #5

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