“My name is Kazuki Shigeta, I’m 21 years old and I’m studying nursing since 3 years. When I was a high school student, I wanted to find a job that allows me to help people, in any way and whatever this job could be. Two months ago, I made volunteering in Austria with refugees that were physical handicapped. I was curious to know what I could do for that people. It was challenging for me and incredibly interesting.

This time I chose to be volunteer in Cikapundung, Indonesia, to know more about the local people, their disability, to work and help them. When I arrived here I’ve been shocked by the situation around trash management. There was garbage everywhere. I had never imagined that people could live in these conditions.

Finally, in two weeks, I got used to it. But I’m frustrated because we should do more for the local population, to raise the awareness. They are not conscious of the extent of the problem but the conditions are very bad.

I have very good memories of this workcamp: so many new friends, meeting a lot of people, from Japan, like me, but also from France and Indonesia. Everybody is so friendly here!

I also developed more knowledge about public health and it will be probably useful for my studies.

I will try again to go abroad in several workcamps because the people and the organizations that help somebody dealing with a certain issue are absolutely peerless for me.”

Kazuki Shigeta, 22 years old, student, Japan.

Credits:Maïva VercoutPierre Jonqueres D’oriola

Volunteyes Indonesia 6
Volunteyes Indonesia 6
Volunteyes Indonesia 6

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