We had only two weeks of workcamp about environment, and we quickly realized that local people kept their bad habit, throwing trash everywhere for a long time. It’s impossible to change their mind in only two weeks, so we did our best, hoping next volunteers will pursue our progression.

Our workcamp theme, keep the environment clean, is really important and meaningful for local people, so we should treat it in long term. In each short term workcamp, we have to understand that we can’t do effective activities only just us, and do sustainable activities. It depends on each workcamp, but for this one, it was like that.

Now I know that it can be difficult, but it was a really meaningful experience for me. Through this project, I felt a big difficulty in changing people habits, but conversely I met a lot of people who wants to change the environmental situation and who are activist.

I think if GREAT will continue to organize workcamp here, the situation will be better with such active local people! People here are nice, kind and open minded, I would like to support them more I came here because I was looking for myself during this volunteering, I wanted to grow up and have more experience. I wanted to see and discover other countries, discover the unknown. After this workcamp, I will be volunteer in Thailand for 3 months in kid education, until I’ll find my way…

Tomomi Nakamura, 28 years old, Japan, volunteer at GREAT workcamp.

Credits: Maïva VercoutPierre Jonqueres D’oriola


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