Cornelius decided to go in Italy as a volunteer. Undecided about his career, he wants to discover new work possibilities far from the subject he studied. During this period he was involved in a lot of different activities which aroused his curiosity. He also learned how to live in a community and he had the possibility to visit Italy.


“My name is Corneliu Bichinet, I am from Romania and I’m 19 years old. Currently, I am studying law at the university in Romania. Even if I decided to study law last year, I have not chosen my career yet. In my high school life I was great at maths and I had attended several maths competitions as well, for example the Olympiads. Thus, I literally had plenty of choice to study in some prosperous university such as King College or Imperial college. However, I chose to study in my own local university because I think is better to study law in your own country, which is more focused on your own national law.”

Maybe after this experience he will study the law of different country and share his knowledge with other students.

Credits to: Run VirakAkara Yoth Tat


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