“We were classmate in Physic class, I failed several exams at school so I ended up studying with students younger than me.

He sat behind me during every lesson, we weren’t talking each other that much but we coincidently met couple of times during some party, where we awkwardly said “Hi” to each other. However, once, I was at a big party with my friends, and by chance, I met him in the train along the way back to our parking lot. Thus, the next morning, me and my friends were invited to his grandfather’s house, close to the party and it was during that morning that he kissed me and we began our relationship.

He was my world at that time, he taught me to enjoy life, though we aren’t together anymore after 3 years of relationship it was a good time, no regrets.”

Irene Mancini , 27 years old, Genoa, Italy.

Credits: Run VirakAkara Yoth Tat

Volunteyes Italy 3

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