Đức Cường Hoàng, 22 years old student, decides to join his first workcamp to help the Thaï ethnic minority in Maï Chau mountains. He found a great experience that encouraged him to participate in a EVS project.

“I work out every evening because I want to be strong to defend and help the ones that I love. Once I saw my uncle beaten up by criminals, I was 15 and I couldn’t do anything; I’m such a small guy, you know. I started wrestling right after that.

A lot of my strength helped me to get the money that I need to attend my civil engineer studies.

My parents offered to pay the school for me but I refused because they also have a hard life; they both work in the fields and in a brick factory. So I have had many jobs to pay it by myself: waiter, fisherman, water pipe system designer, but the highest-paid work was the remover. It’s an hard job; sometimes my shift ended so late that I couldn’t go back to my college dormitory because the doors were closed, so I usually I slept in the parks. I preferred save my energy for school and in order to work more.

I joined SJ Vietnam more than one year ago, at the beginning to attend free English lessons and after as a volunteer. My first workcamp was about helping to restore buildings for the Thaï ethnic minority in Maï Chau mountains. Sometimes I missed the lessons in order to join the project, but my teacher encouraged me; he knew I would learn more working on the project than in the classroom.

I love to meet people from abroad and learn from their experiences. I think it’s a good way to improve the life in the countryside.

Next year, I will do an EVS in Poland or France, I’m looking forward to do it.”

Volunteyes Vietnam #2
Volunteyes Vietnam #2
Volunteyes Vietnam #2

Đức Cường Hoàng – 22 years old – Hanoi

Credits to: Aurian DWMaïté Haddad

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