“I just turned 32 and all my relatives keep asking me why I still don’t have a steady job.

I literally have no home, except when I go back in my hometown because I never stay too long in the same place. Having a relationship is out of plans for now; I don’t have any time to offer to someone else. Especially the Vietnamese girls; they want you to spend whole your free time with them.

But I love my job. It allowed me to travel a lot, both inside Vietnam and abroad I often have the opportunity to welcome foreigners volunteers in my own country.

All those experiences opened my mind, which allows me to see Vietnamese society like a big picture, from a wider perspective. I see too many people around me who only care about having money, a big house, a family life. I think this kind of life narrows their mind and their way of thinking.

Saint-Augustine said: “ The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. I want for myself to read as many pages as possible. And keep on making pictures on the journey. That’s me.”

Duc Minh Do – Coordinator  – Solidarités Jeunesse Vietnam.

Credits to: Aurian DWMaïté Haddad


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