“I came in this fisher village four times; thrice with the workcamp, one by myself. That time I felt really different. I looked at the living conditions here, and it really moved me, way more than the other times.

One lady came to me, and even if we don’t speak the same language, we managed to understand each other through our smiles. A smile is all you need, a smile is life. A smile can change everything in your day. I don’t like people who always complain and feel pity for themselves. When you know how hard life can be for others in the World, before starting to complain about “how your life sucks because your bus was late, or you have a bad headache”, you should always feel grateful that you were lucky enough to be born in the right place, where your life can be easy.

That’s why I remain optimistic and positive, even though my life wasn’t always joyful. That’s why I smile to people. And try not to judge them. When I talk to a person, I picture her as a skeleton; nothing more. It is the only way to really listen to that person, and to what she says, only what she has to say; not her look, her physical aspect or her way of dressing. Nothing of that matters. Smiling is all that matters.”

Maxime Beau – Volunteer from Paris – 18 years old.

Credits: Maïté HaddadAurian DW


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