VolunTube World 2019

Call for VolunTube World 2019

Where: France, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Cambodia, Peru and Colombia
When: 01 July – 31 August
Who: VolunTube World
Deadline: 27/06/2019
International Partners:

Do you like online communication? Are you interested in video-making and story-telling? Do you like traveling and discover new places far from your comfort zone? This may be the opportunity you were looking for! Watch the video below and apply for this amazing project.

The challenge

The visibility challenge is crucial for youth organisations that must adapt their strategy to the new generation of volunteers and their communication behaviours which are more sensitive to video content rather than long narrative presentations.
Despite all the great activities that every organisation carries out, very often we have the feeling that we don’t manage to communicate properly nor provide the visibility that these activities would deserve.
This is due to two main reasons: lack of budget to invest in marketing and lack of knowledge inside of the organisations.

The idea

The is where the idea of VolunTube comes from. Designing a project funded by the Erasmus+ program which involves professional video-makers and marketing consultants able to strengthen the capacities and the knowledge both of the NGOs and the volunteers that collaborate and work with them.
To do so we believe that it is an added value to offer the possibility to discover the world to all the youngsters involved and to spread their knowledge at the same time. This is why there will be three different continents involved: Europe, Asia and South America.

The aims

– Strength the knowledge and capacities of youngsters and NGOs in video-making and online communication strategies;
– Produce 8 videos for every NGO according to their needs and target groups;
– Produce about 16 blog entries during the 2 months EVS for each;
– Promote volunteering as an enriching activity;
– Promote the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities.

How does it work?

1) Participation in the training (21 May-04 June, France)
2) Preparation phase in sending (1-30 June, sending country)
3) Volunteering abroad (1 July – 30 August)
4) Wrapping up – reports, last chores, etc. (1-30 September, in the sending country, video screening event)
5) Final evaluation (October, Italy) 

1) Two volunteers will be selected for each partner country for a total of 16 volunteers involved. Once they have been selected they will participate all together in a training course of 12 days in Lastours, France. The focus of the training will be video-making techniques and online communication strategies.

All the costs will be covered by the VolunTube World project and all the material/equipment will be provided. The volunteers do not need to have any camera.

2) They will be asked to start exercising and producing videos during the training with the help of the trainers and right after the training with the sending association during the preparation phase.

3) After the training, in July the volunteers will be sent to the hosting country to produce 8 videos and 16 blog entries according to the strategies that will be defined during the training.

4) Once they return to their country they will be required to finalise the work and produce reports.

5) In October in Italy they will be asked to attend the final evaluation with all the volunteers, partners and trainers.

Volunteers are required to participate in each phase of the project. Contact the sending organsiation in your country for further details.

The following are the bilateral exchange:

France – Peru
Italy – Indonesia
Greece – Cambodia
Portugal – Colombia

This means that French volunteers will go to Peru and Peruvian volunteers will be hosted in France and so on for each bilateral exchange.

Volunteer requirements

– Age 18 – 30;
– Commitment to the project idea;
– Commitment to each phase of the planned involvement of volunteers;
– High motivation and interest for the topic;
– Computer literate (no need for previous video editing experience);
– Interest in the themes of volunteering, communication, journalism, photography, cultural diversity;
– Previous voluntary experience at local level/social work (is a plus);
– Intermediate knowledge of English (mandatory);
– Basic knowledge of Spanish (mandatory for French and Portuguese volunteers);
– Previous experience in photography and video shooting and editing (is a plus);
– Able to work in a team and share private spaces
– Open-minded and easy going;
– Positive attitude and proactivity;
– Have a nationality of one of the Country that participate in the project.

How to apply

If you think to fulfill all the requirements apply now and become a Voluntuber.

Fill out the form below and attach all the required documents.

NB: If you have any doubts about the selection process, requirements, the preparation phase in sending and commitments which may be specific to your country, please contact the partner organisation in your country.

Only the selected volunteers will be contacted again for a Skype and the final selection.