Janos makes his passion for eagles a real activity. He takes care of his birds giving them a place to heal and now is arrived the moment to build a bigger garden.


“My name is Janos Deri. I was born in Budapest and during all my childhood I had a passion for eagles. They look so strong and free while they were flying in the sky. For all the life I craved to have an eagle.

Now my dream came true and I have to make a garden for them. When I feel alone and tired I usually come here and I spend some time with this beautiful birds. Obviously, we have many injured birds that I bring here after the treatment and the therapy. This is a place where they can feel protected and where they receive all the attentions.

It’s a nice feeling being a doctor for injured animals, you really feel useful. When you save just a single life there is no better reward for that.”

Credits to: Krishna ParajuliNirajan Jung Rayamajhi

life with the eagles

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