Creator Stories

This charming short puts the "art" in artificial intelligence

We caught up with Staff Picked filmmaker Chris Carboni to talk about his beguiling AI-powered film, "Hairy Pouter."

Video for Business

Live from SXSW: Blueprints for better stories

Vimeo's Derick Rhodes sits down with Staff Picked filmmaker Mark Molloy at the 2023 SXSW festival to uncover the key elements of branded storytelling.

Live Streaming

The next wave of shopping? Going live

Consumer behavior isn't just back to brick-and-mortar as usual. Make way for live shopping.

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Video for Business

What marketers need to know about video deepfakes 

Video deepfakes get a bad rap. But as they continue to evolve, it's time for marketers of every stripe to get wise to this AI-powered tech.

Video Marketing

Video captions aren't a nice-to-have for marketers. Here's why

Capturing viewer attention is hard enough. Captions increase view time on your videos by 12%! Time to make captions an unskippable step in your workflow.

Video for Business

5 ways brands can make money with TikTok marketing

Discover five powerful strategies to maximize your brand's TikTok marketing game and watch your profits soar.

Employee Comms

5 reasons why internal communications videos just make sense

Keeping teams aligned and informed can be a challenge for global organizations. Learn why video as a communications tool makes sense for internal comms.

Live Streaming

Webinar best practices: How to design, write, and host presentations

Webinars are a powerful asset in a marketer’s toolkit. Break down the elements of a stunning webinar presentation with this guide.

Live Streaming

31 sure-fire ways to engage your virtual event attendees

Mastering the art of virtual events is key for marketers and experiential producers. Get inspired with our list of virtual event ideas.

Video Creation

How to make an interactive video (and why it’s worth it for your brand)

Vimeo makes it surprisingly simple to create an interactive video. Here's how to do it, in five easy steps.

Video Creation

How to compress a video on iPhone, Android, Windows, and more

We're demystifying video compression so you can apply its magic to your videos.

Video Creation

Become an overlay all-star: how to master video overlays for your edits

Video overlay effects give your video that wow factor. Here's how.

Employee Comms

How to make employee training videos that get the job done

Employee training can pose challenges in a hybrid and remote working world. Learn how to create training videos for employees in a few easy steps.

Employee Comms

Adding knowledge base software to your tech stack? Start here

Knowledge base software can be a great tool for both internal and external stakeholders. Cultivate a knowledge sharing culture with our guide.

Video Collaboration

CEOs, let's reimagine connection at work.

Today’s leaders require a new set of skills to engage, align, and inspire.

Case Studies

How two brothers turned their struggling family business into a global brand

15 years ago, Kuni and Tomo Hijikata quit their jobs to save the family business. Now, their cast iron pans are selling fast in 5 countries (and counting).

Case Studies

How KevOnStage is building a better entertainment industry

“We were able to step past what we were waiting for Hollywood to do for us and do it ourselves,” says Brennon Edwards, President of KevOnStage Studios.

Case Studies

How Stellantis is powering limitless learning with video

“Video-based virtual instruction is the future,” says Phil Price, Head of The Performance Academy. Stellantis.