Privacy on your terms.

The most comprehensive privacy options for the most important videos. Yours.

Easily share videos.

It's easy to add team members directly to your videos or share them with an unlisted link. For added security, you can lock your videos with a password. You can also specify which websites have permissions to embed your videos.

It gives me peace of mind to know that my work is protected, but when someone opens it up, it looks like a fresh, finished piece rather than a rough cut.

Saad Moosajee


Set viewer permissions.

Our secure platform lets you choose exactly who can access your video before its even finished uploading. You can choose to share your video with specific individuals only, lock it with a password, or hide it from everyone but you.

Collaborate in private.

Private projects let you invite your team to share files, comment on works-in-progress, and more — all while keeping you in control of who sees what.

Your data isn't for sale.

Turns out, being secure is pretty simple. We never sell your data to third-party marketers, we protect your account with enterprise-grade security, and we let you control the privacy of your videos on and off Vimeo.

We’re always sending unlisted links through Vimeo. The filmmakers we work with always send us video drafts through unlisted links in review tools, and we also use unlisted links to share the finished product with people before it’s officially published. It’s great.


Keep it private.