Tell immersive brand stories


Make your videos shoppable


Boost team performance


Tell immersive brand stories

Engage your viewers with interactive touchpoints

Now, you can add interactive touchpoints to your videos that encourage viewers to engage more deeply with your content. Choose from sticky hotspots, informational overlays, and more.

Create a self-directed viewing experience

Video branching allows your viewers to choose their own journey as they watch. These clickable decision points can take your viewers to different timestamps in your videos.

Customize each touchpoint with your branding

Interactive video lets you create a viewing experience that feels like a true extension of your brand. Every hotspot and overlay can be completely customized with your brand’s look and feel.

Get a deeper understanding of your audience

When you add interactive elements to your videos, you create more ways to measure how your viewers engage with your content. Every hotspot and overlay is another point of data.


Make your videos shoppable

Give every product a call to action

It’s easy to apply hotspots and overlays to any product in your videos—allowing your viewers to learn more about the item as they watch.

Let viewers buy directly from your videos

There’s a new way to sell products with video: by placing an “add to cart” button right within the video itself. With just one click, your viewers can buy the products that catch their eye while watching.

Keep track of every sale

When you sell products within your videos, you can track how many viewers engage with each item, click the “add to cart” button, and complete their purchase on your website.*

*Vimeo does not track sales conversion data on 3rd party webpages; customers are able to track sales conversions through API connections or custom tracking links.


Boost team performance

Give your employees the context they need

Interactive video makes it so much easier to create engaging onboarding and training content. You can add informational overlays and clickable decision points for viewers to learn more about any topic.

Make it easier to retain important information

Question: what’s the easiest way to make sure your employees are retaining all the information they need to know? Answer: add helpful quizzes and polls to your videos.

Collect data to optimize your training content

Adding interactive touchpoints to your onboarding and training videos lets you measure the effectiveness of your corporate learning program with helpful data you can use to optimize your content.

Have questions?
We have answers.

What is meant by interactive video?

Interactive videos allow viewers to interact with content that lives within the video itself, featuring clickable elements that prompt them to take action while watching.

What are some common types of interactive videos?

Some of the most common types of interactive videos are quiz videos, shoppable videos, educational or training videos, product explainer videos, and brand marketing videos.

How do you make a video interactive?

A video can be made interactive by adding a clickable element to it using an interactive video platform. Within Vimeo's interactive toolset, users can add hotspots, overlays, quizzes, add-to-cart buttons, and more to make for a truly immersive viewing experience.

How do I create a branching video?

Creating a branching video involves giving the viewer multiple paths to choose from. Typically, this requires you to give the user the option to select, whether it be through hotspots or split-screen video, between two or more videos.

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