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From new apartments to historic homes — we analyzed thousands of real estate videos and developed a blueprint for success. Here are some tips to help you generate more leads and convert more clients with your next round of videos.

  • Skip straight to the point.

    Cut any intro text and jump right in to showing off the space. Use images as a hook and save contact details for the end.

  • Focus on the interior.

    The interior beats the exterior every time. Walkthroughs that begin indoors perform significantly better than those that start outdoors.

  • Stage before you film.

    More furniture equals more engagement. Staging each space makes a huge difference in performance compared to empty rooms.

  • Snip out the boring stuff.

    Remove transition areas, like hallways, and keep things moving. Try to keep the focus on the main rooms.

  • Don’t forget about audio.

    Whether it’s voiceover or music, be sure to include some kind of audio track.

  • Trim and tweak.

    Viewers are more likely to stay engaged if your video has been crisply edited. And remember to include details like price, location, and contact info.

How to make free, sales-worthy real estate videos.

  • Select a professionally designed template.

    Browse Vimeo Create’s library of beautiful real estate video templates to start making your video in minutes. Customize each template to match your branding, messaging, and more.

  • Choose from our unlimited stock library.

    Upload your property’s best images and clips to draw in new clients. Our free real estate video maker also includes stock images and video to help you to get started.

  • Edit your real estate video.

    Add music and captions, apply real estate animation and transitions, edit your images, and customize your video to your liking.

  • Get ready to share

    Save your video to your account and share it on your website and social media

Unlock new audiences with video.

For realtor Chip James, buying and selling homes goes hand in hand with his love for his community. This fifth-generation Ohio native uses video to connect with his clients and highlight everything his hometown has to offer.


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4 ways to use real estate videos to take your listing to the next level.

  • We’d never suggest you judge a brand on aesthetics alone, but realtors know that sometimes looks really are everything — especially when it comes to selling homes.

  • If you’ve been considering jumping into the world of real estate video marketing but aren’t sure how to get started, here are four easy ways. Whether you want to spread the word about your latest listing or introduce yourself and your agency to your community, Vimeo Create templates are built to make the video creation process easy. (Giving you more time to prep for that Open House.)

  • Introduce yourself.

    Client relationships are crucial to your business. We also know that integrating social media and video into your marketing is one of the most effective ways to continue cultivating those relationships, even when not face-to-face. Introducing yourself via video can help you remind your clients about the real humans behind the listings, and should go a long way towards helping you build connections that last.

  • Share your expertise.

    Nothing builds brand trust like sharing your knowledge about the industry directly with your clients. Why not position your potential sellers and buyers to make good decisions in the market? When building your real estate explainer video, remember to keep it readable with short, scannable copy. That way, your audience can grasp the key points without getting overwhelmed by information.

  • Show how you do things differently.

    Differentiate yourself in the real estate game by sharing your brand ethos — tell buyers what makes you and your agency unique. For instance, one Ohio-based realtor allows new buyers to donate to the charity of their choice during closing. “Instead of giving the client a bottle of wine, you choose the charity or organization in need, and we’ll give to them in your honor,” says Chip.

  • Promote your latest open house.

    It’s 2021: everyone knows how easy it is to retouch a photo — or cheat an angle to stretch the truth. “A photo can make a room look 20 feet wide,” notes Chip. Using a realtor promotional video to bring potential buyers inside your listing gives your clients a great idea of what they’re walking into, and helps build that vital client trust in the process.

Real estate video frequently asked questions.

Does video help sell real estate?

Absolutely. Real estate promo videos can be much more engaging than photos alone. A well-made real estate video can give viewers an explanation and video walk-through of a property, get shared by viewers without extra work from you, and encourage people to contact you with a clear call-to-action.

How do you make a good real estate video?

A successful real estate video will include quality images and video clips, have a quick agent introduction, include a clear call-to-action, and showcase testimonials to build trust with viewers. Make sure that anyone in your video dresses and acts professionally. Consider writing a script to guide the video, but avoid reading from it during shooting.

How long should a real estate video be?

Real estate market videos need to be long enough that viewers get the information they need from your video, but not too long that they don’t hold your audience’s interest. Shoot for under 10 minutes, and try your best to stay within a 3 to 6-minute range.

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