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How to make a joyful Christmas wishes video.

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  1. Choose a Christmas video template.
    Explore Vimeo’s free Christmas video creator to find the perfect holly-jolly template for your video.
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  3. Edit and customize your video.
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    Share your Xmas day video greeting directly to social media from Vimeo Create or download it to send to loved ones near and far.

Tips for creating a Christmas video that brings warmth all year.

Vimeo’s free Christmas video creator lets you make Christmas videos to post on Facebook, YouTube, or email to loved ones—all in minutes. Use the following tips to craft a social media Christmas video or festive family greeting that they’ll remember long past the holiday season.

woman lighting candles

Get creative with your video.

Although some of the best Christmas videos are simple greetings, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little creative. Try something new for this year’s video, like filming the family opening their presents or having everyone sing a few Christmas carols for loved ones who live far away. You might even film your whole Christmas Day and edit it with Vimeo Create to create a Merry Christmas wishes short video that showcases your favorite highlights.Focus on personal instead of professional.

A family Merry Christmas wishes video should feel warm, like home. Try to avoid making it too “perfect” and movie-like, and instead let your personality shine through. There’s no need to edit out mistakes or bloopers unless you find it necessary (your family will probably love them!). Whatever you do want to edit, you can use Vimeo to do it. Trim videos, cut clips, and make everything come together with colors, filters, text, and more.

If you’re making a Christmas video for your business to share with customers, you can still get personal. Share clips of your staff enjoying holiday activities, tell your brand’s story as it relates to Christmas, and personally thank your customers for sticking around during the holiday season.

Make your message loud and clear.

Whether you’re sending season’s greetings to loved ones from a distance or spreading holiday cheer to clients, make sure your message comes across in your video. You can add holiday music to your video to set the mood and add text at the end with your holiday message. Use your images and video clips to tell the story the whole way through.

Christmas videos frequently asked questions.

  • How do you make a digital Christmas card for free?
    • Make a digital Christmas card, such as a slideshow video, for free using Vimeo Create. Vimeo offers free Christmas video templates, including ones that let your family share a quick season’s greeting, that you can customize to your heart’s content. Add text, upload images and video clips, and change colors to create the perfect video to send on social media or through email to friends and family.
  • How do you share a Merry Christmas message on Facebook?
    • After you finish your Merry Christmas video with Vimeo Create, you can use the editor to send your video right to Facebook to post on your profile or page. Alternatively, download your video to your computer and share it to your Facebook profile or page when you’re ready. 
  • What are some Christmas video message ideas for businesses?
    • Christmas videos aren’t just for families. They’re also for companies to wish their customers a Merry Christmas and thank them for their business. You can use Vimeo’s free Christmas video creator to make a digital Christmas card, tell customers about what your business has accomplished this year, or advertise a new holiday promotion

Send season’s greetings with a custom Christmas video.