How to edit your videos like a pro.

    • Choose your online video editor.

      Upload your own clips or browse thousands of ready-made templates. Start creating with stock footage from our limitless library. Then, get to editing.

    • Customize your video.

      Need to add some flair? That's where styles, stickers, filters, and text comes in. Not quite the right specs? Crop and trim or switch up the aspect ratios to your liking. Vimeo’s quick video editor can take you from raw clip to polished final cut in minutes.

    • Publish to your fave social platforms in a single click.

      Time to get to video sharing. Save and send to your followers, use clips in your marketing, or embed your video on your website. Most importantly, reach your audience wherever they are.

    • Optimize, organize, and repeat.

      Once the video editing is done, you can make your videos a home. Create embeddable gifs from your favorite clips. Optimize your videos until they’re just right. Try out Vimeo’s easy-to-organize folders and a whole suite of intuitive tools that make video hosting a breeze.

“A video ad that would have previously taken weeks of planning, writing, scheduling, and editing can now be accomplished in a matter of hours, saving both time and money, the two most precious resources for any business.”

Angela Caglia

Founder of Angela Caglia Skincare

Use custom videos templates to find the right story for your business.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I edit videos online?

Definitely. There are more video editing software and apps available than ever before. Some are better suited for beginners, and others are great for pro editors who need to edit clips on the daily. Consider what action you’re trying to take with your video. Do you need to add transitions and effects, or splice multiple clips together? Once you know what you’re after, you can pick an online video editor that works for you.

How long will it take to learn video editing?

That depends. How often do you need to edit? Are you a small business branching out into video marketing, or a creative pro with a penchant for video? Generally, there’s no exact timeline to perfecting the art of video editing. Practice, effort, and time will sharpen your skills.

What is the best way to edit videos for beginners?

When you’re getting started with video clip editors, keep it simple. With Vimeo Create, there are thousands of templates and an entire library of stock footage at your fingertips. Clip, trim, crop, add effects and transitions, and make sure to zoom out and think about the story you’re telling with video. The best video editors for beginners will make complex concepts seem easy.

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