Make a video overlay that gets attention.

Learn how to use video overlays. Example of an overlay effect on a flat lay for a skincare/wellness brand

How to add overlays to video.


Choose a template.

Start your project with a beautifully designed Vimeo template. Our templates can be fun, professional, or whatever you need them to be.


Add images and video.

Browse our stock library of images and videos to create your video. You can also upload your own for a more personal touch.


Customize your video.

Change anything in your video, from its colors to its transitions. Then, use Vimeo’s editor to add an overlay or effect to your video easily.


Save and share your overlay video.

Use Vimeo’s overlay video software to share your new creation directly to social media. Or download your video to send via email or post on your website.

Browse video overlay templates to get started.

Add a cinematic effect to your video with custom overlays.

A video overlay sits over your main video to add something new to your video. For instance, gamers use overlays to show themselves playing a game while the primary screen displays the gameplay. Content creators also use overlays to share their social media handles at the end of their videos. Here’s how to make sure your overlay videos stand out.

Video overlay examples within Vimeo Create

Find the right size.

Avoid having your video overlay take up too much space. Position the overlay somewhere that it doesn’t distract the viewer from the main video. Usually, placing it in a corner or along the bottom of the video works best, but play around with it to see what fits your video content.

Make it useful.

Not every video needs an overlay. Use it when you need to, like calling out a limited-time discount code your customers can use for the product in your video. Overusing overlays can become off-putting for your audience, so use them sparingly and only when necessary.

Encourage interactivity.

A video overlay can be interactive to boost your engagement. For instance, you can link to a survey in your overlay or ask a question for people to answer in your video’s comments. Get creative to enhance your relationships with your viewers.

Overlay video frequently asked questions.

What size should a video overlay be?

There’s no specific size your video overlay needs to be. Instead, determine the best size for your overlay by considering your main content. Keep the overlay as small as possible while still allowing viewers to see it clearly. Also, make sure that the overlay doesn’t overshadow important parts of your main video.

How do you put an overlay on a video?

Use video overlay software like Vimeo Create to easily add an overlay to any video in minutes. Be sure to resize and customize your overlay to make it fit seamlessly with your main video content.

What app is best for overlaying video?

You don’t need to know how to overlay videos when you use Vimeo’s video editing tools. The app does the hard work for you, down to creating beautiful templates to customize.

Make your own video overlay today.