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How to make cinematic car videos that stand out.

Your car promotion video should feature stunning shots and informative highlights that take your audience from interested to fully engaged. Use these expert tips on how to make a car feature video with Vimeo Create’s free car video editing software.

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Set a goal for your automotive video.

An automotive video can have numerous uses, like advertising your mechanic business, showcasing a brand-new model that arrived on your dealership’s lot, or a video to highlight your car wash and detailing service. 

Set goals before you begin the creating process, whether it’s views, website traffic, brand awareness, or conversions. Then, create a powerful story and offer a clear call-to-action (CTA) that tells people what to do with the information you give. With Vimeo’s free car video maker, you can do it all in minutes. 

Choose different shots and angles.

When you incorporate cars into your video, you have a lot of room to play with shots and angles that give viewers multiple ways to see the vehicle. Wide-angle pictures and video clips are perfect for a car promotion video. Shoot a few up-close, medium, and long shots to highlight various automotive features. Upload your favorite shots, move them around, and edit them to fit your video’s story, all within Vimeo Create.  

Use text strategically.

Add text to your car promotion video with Vimeo Create’s car video editing software. Move your story along with text and spotlight key details about your vehicle offerings or business. Customize your fonts, colors, and text placements with Vimeo’s car video maker to craft a cohesive and professional car promotion video.

Car promotion video frequently asked questions.

  • What are the different types of automotive video?
    • Auto videos come in many forms. Dealerships can show viewers an overview of their inventory or a specific vehicle with a car promotion video. Car wash and mechanic services can use a behind-the-scenes video to advertise their services. Manufacturers can use a car promo video to inform customers of exciting features they’re releasing in an upcoming model. Car owners can use Vimeo Create’s free car video maker to share their favorite features about their vehicle with friends and family.
  • What’s the best way to edit an automotive video?
    • You don’t need professional video editing experience to create a car promo video that’s ready to share with the world. Vimeo Create’s free car video maker gives you the tools you need to make a stunning car promotion video in minutes. Start with a customizable template to easily make a beautiful, cinematic video that fits your needs.
  • What makes a good car promo video?
    • High-quality video clips and images are key in creating an enticing car promotion video. Use natural lighting and a variety of angles to get clear shots of the featured vehicle. Add varying photos and clips to your video to give viewers a comprehensive look at the vehicle. Complete the video with transitions and text that highlights the best aspects of the car, all through Vimeo Create’s free car video editing software.

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