The industry standard for online video hosting

Host, manage, and share your videos in ad-free HD, all from the Vimeo website.

Vimeo is the creative standard for hosting video. There's no alternative, and there doesn't need to be. If I saw a DP reel hosted on YouTube, I wouldn't hire the person.

Meg Volk

Content Producer

An innovative, high-quality online video platform

Change the color, add your logo, remove the playbar, add chaptering, speed controls, and more — all with Vimeo's high-quality, fast-loading, supremely reliable HTML5 video player.

Free video hosting with no ads, ever.

No matter what type of plan you’re on, from Free to Enterprise, we'll never put ads before, during, or after your video. Period.

Control who sees what

Our robust security controls let you hide your videos from search results, lock your videos with a password, or even limit access to you only. Our video platform also allows you to specify which websites have permissions to embed your videos.

Update the video, not the link

Replace any video without changing the URL or losing your stats, likes, and comments. You can even update your video right from Final Cut Pro X with our macOS app.

More integrations, less busywork.

Vimeo's video platform has custom integrations with Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Dropbox, and all the creative tools you use every day.

  • Google Drive

    Upload videos directly from your Google Drive

  • Dropbox

    Upload videos directly from Dropbox

  • Adobe Premiere

    Private upload settings, import custom encoding presets

  • Final Cut Pro X

    Export directly with ProRes and other advanced codecs

  • iMovie

    Directly upload your latest edit, replace edits

Online Video Hosting FAQs

What is hosting a video?

Video hosting is the process of uploading a video to a website so that it can be accessed online. You can host just about any kind of video file on Vimeo, and use our privacy settings to control who can watch it once your upload is complete.

How do I host a video online?

If you’re looking to host a video online, you’ve come to the right video hosting site. You can host up to 7TB of videos on Vimeo — which, for what it’s worth, is a lot of videos. Simply navigate your browser to the Vimeo upload page to drag and drop virtually any video file from your computer.

Where can I host my videos for free?

You can host your video for free right here on Vimeo. We have a ton of free storage, no ads, and a customizable player you can make all your own. Plus, you can control your privacy settings so that only the right people can watch your content.

What is private video hosting?

When you host a video online, you may not want just any random internet-dweller to come along and watch it. That’s why we offer customizable privacy controls that let you make videos private, hide behind a password, hide from Vimeo entirely, and more.

What is an online video platform?

An online video platform is a website where you can upload, host, and watch video content. (And that’s just the beginning, really.) Here at Vimeo, you can create videos and screen recordings, host live streamed events, build your own OTT channel, and much more.

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