Captions help your teams search for videos and jump to key moments fast—plus, they boost your videos’ search ranking.


There’s no need to manually transcribe anything. You can even edit captions directly within Vimeo—no download necessary.


Captions make videos more accessible: 50% of viewers say they’re important because they watch with the sound off.


Save time. Get more done.

  • No more manual transcriptions

    Let our auto-captioning and transcriptions handle the heavy lifting, because your workday could use less work.

  • Edit captions in-app

    Fine-tune your captions without having to download, edit, and upload the text.

  • Get to the good parts

    Jump to crucial moments fast with our in-transcript navigation—or just search by caption.


Make your videos more accessible to all

  • Reach more viewers

    Auto captions give vital context to viewers who may be hard of hearing, or who choose to watch on mute.

  • Put your audience in control

    Let your viewers customize the caption style, so they can watch in the way that works best for them.

Have questions?
We have answers.

How do I add auto captions to a video?

Users with paid accounts will have captions added automatically on any new video uploads.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captioning?

Closed captions are specifically for people who choose to watch with the sound off—maybe because they’re hard of hearing or in a public place—and want to know background sounds and speaker changes. Auto subtitles don’t contain that info.

Can I auto generate subtitles from a video file?

Thanks to the closed captioning software on Vimeo paid accounts, captions are generated for your videos automatically, boosting accessibility and search ranking. But you can always fine-tune the captions if necessary.

What is the difference between open and closed captions?

Open captions are always visible and cannot be toggled off. But closed captions—which are what our closed captioning software provides—can be turned on or off.

What elements make a video “accessible”?

Accessible videos are made so that as many viewers as possible can enjoy them. These videos typically have open or closed captions, transcripts, audio descriptions, and are shown on a player that viewers can easily use.

Are auto closed captions available for all types of videos (video on demand and live streaming?)

Every time you upload a video to Vimeo, we automatically transcribe the dialogue and make closed captioning available for your viewers. If you’re on a premium or enterprise account, we offer closed captioning for your live streamed videos—so you can make your virtual events and webinars more accessible to all.

Make every word count with captions