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Organize all of your company’s videos

No more chasing down video assets buried in intranets and chat threads. Get a stunning, branded Video Library to organize all company videos and live streams — so everyone on every team can find the content they need.


Share information instantly (and easily)

Give your teams the power to record, upload, and share training videos, demos, updates, Zoom recordings, and more. You can even add time-coded video notes to collaborate with coworkers.


Find what you need faster

Looking for a video, but can't remember the file name? No sweat. We automatically transcribe every video, and let you search by the captions. Simply enter some words from the video to find exactly what you’re looking for — fast.


Control access by team or user

Meet compliance standards and ensure that only the right people have access to your company's sensitive content with built-in security, like SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), and administrative controls for individual folders and workspaces.

\"Being able to present and store videos and live streams on a branded, Netflix-like homepage allows us to deliver important messages in a way that captivates our team and makes it easy to find relevant content fast.\"

Rainar Aasrand, AV Engineer, Wise (formerly Transferwise)

\"There is strong demand for video and live broadcasts across every department at Rite Aid, and Vimeo will allow us to help meet this demand in a re-imagined workplace that relies more on virtual communications.\"

Peter Strella, Director of Communications & Creative Media Services, Rite Aid

\"The subfolder and folder organization is extremely useful when organizing our content, whether it’s external-facing, or just for our team on the back end. This has made it so much easier for our team to collaborate, organize, and minimize the time searching for assets.\"

Steve Hamaday, Virtual Training Manager, Axalta

Our company engagement and awareness of our strategies have gone up. It’s definitely an improvement on our previous methods of information sharing.

Joel Basa, Creative Services Manager, Paychex

Your videos. Centralized and organized.

Now, you can unlock the power of video across your entire organization with recorded Zoom meetings, town halls, training videos, product launches, and more — all in your Video Library.

  • Leadership & HR

  • Training

  • Marketing & creative

  • Sales & support

  • Product & engineering

  • IT

Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Video Library?

Video Library is a centralized destination for employees to share and access knowledge across departments and teams. All videos are searchable and can be organized into workspaces by department or team, which unlocks the power of Vimeo for your entire organization.

What can I do as a viewer on a team? As a contributor? An admin?

Viewers can view and comment on any videos or videos within folders that have been shared with them.

Contributors can do everything viewers can do and upload videos to their own “private to me” space within their team account or edit videos and move them to their shared team folders.

Admins can do everything contributors can do and delete any video on the team account or share folders they have access to with the entire company.

How can I organize my Video Library?

Videos can be organized into workspaces by team, department or topic. Within each workspace, you can create folders and subfolders to further organize video content.

Are a Video Library and video database the same thing?

A video database can be as simple as a collection of content that you can search to find specific videos. Vimeo’s Video Library, on the other hand, is more of a workspace: a place you visit not only to find videos but to view, share, and organize them beautifully.

How do I access my videos? / What are the different types of permissions on a team?

Users can be invited to a team as either an admin, contributor or viewer. These roles have inherent account-level permissions.

Granular permissions allow you to give users the ability to view or manage a specific folder.

SSO groups allow entire user groups to be given granular permissions to access specific folders with either “can manage” or “can view” permissions.

Who can use our Zoom auto uploads functionality?

Anyone on any tier can install the Vimeo app in the Zoom marketplace and have their Zoom recordings automatically uploaded to Vimeo. Note that if you are on a team, you must be a contributor or admin to be able to upload recordings to a folder in the team account.

Give your videos a home