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Easy to use. Stunning to experience. Vimeo Events has everything you need to produce and promote virtual events that deliver ongoing impact for your business.

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\"With Vimeo, we launched a bi-weekly live show for global customers in just weeks, not months. We managed the whole process on the Vimeo platform, collaborating remotely with our team and agency, and going live multiple times a week, in several languages.”

Alvin Mudun, Senior Web Product Manager

“I love all of the options you get with Vimeo. Their live streaming platform is the highest quality — live events that used to take a team of 5 can now be done with one person and a computer.”

Ben Greenhoe, Director of Video & Photography

“We host live webinars and events using Vimeo. It’s an excellent tool that allows people to live stream without any latency issues — it gives us a smooth experience.”

Kiran Desai, Technical Software Analyst

Go live with confidence

Do it all from your browser

Say goodbye to expensive outsourcing. Our browser-based production tool makes it super simple to host virtual events and webinars.

Build your event beforehand

Stitch together your event ahead of time — including pre-recorded videos, guest speakers, graphics, and interactive moments using Vimeo’s creation tool. Then, use simulive to schedule it in advance.

Quality you can rely on

Give your viewers the best quality across devices, even with limited bandwidth. And rest easy knowing your event is protected with backup streams and stream health monitoring.

Delight your audience

Get everyone involved

It's easy to invite your viewers to join in the conversation with moderated chat, polls, and Q&A. You can set up these interactive tools before your event, or add them on the fly.

Brand the experience

Use our simple drag-and-drop tools to add lower thirds, full-screen graphics, and most importantly, your own custom branding.

Make it dynamic

Energize the experience with multi-dimensional layouts and formats. Incorporate videos, images, speakers, overlays, and more — all in one scene.

Produce all-in-a-browser virtual events

Vimeo Events requires no additional software to produce or watch virtual events. Your viewers can experience our stunning platform from any web browser.

Hook high-quality leads

Drive up attendance

Capture leads with customizable event registration forms. Then, stay on their radar with branded email reminders.

Convert viewers into customers

Sync registered users and merge your workflow with Marketo, Hubspot, and Mailchimp — or use our Webinar API to plug into another system.

Act on your analytics

Leverage the analytics so you can follow up with relevant content. It’s the perfect way to maintain interest and keep people coming back for future events.

Get more out of every event

Repurpose your events

Turn event recordings into bite-sized content for your website, marketing, and editorial. Trim recordings, edit clips, add chapters, or even create GIFs of key moments for email and social campaigns.

Put your polls to work

Take poll results and convert them into content for future event topics, blog content to help promote your on-demand strategy, or even product development.

Manage everything with ease

Organize your events, alongside other marketing videos, in one central, easy-to-search hub — making it easier to archive, share, and repurpose content.

Have questions?
We have answers.

What are the types of virtual events?

The term \"virtual event\" refers to any event that takes place in an online setting — from a webinar to a product launch, town hall, conference, workshop, or party. No matter what type of virtual event you're looking to host, Vimeo Events has the tools and tech to help you make it a success.

How does a virtual event work?

Virtual events work with digital communication tools that bring people together — such as live video conferencing. The idea is to replicate everything that attendees would experience if they were right there in person. (Hint, hint: Vimeo Events has everything you need to create truly immersive virtual events.)

How much does a virtual conference platform cost?

Vimeo Advanced is available for $65/month and includes unlimited live events on our Vimeo Events platform. We also have Enterprise plans available for larger organizations — featuring advanced marketing integrations, viewer-level analytics, and much more. Contact our friendly sales team to learn more.

How does a virtual conference work?

A virtual conference is kind of like a regular conference — except it takes place entirely online. That means there's no need to organize last-minute travel or lodging. All participants can tune in and join the conversation from their internet browser, no matter where they are in the world.

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