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Examples of memes. Left: a woman drops her phone on her face. Right: a dog wearing a chef hat

How to make a meme in minutes.


Choose a meme template.

Find a template to start with in Vimeo Create’s meme maker app. Professionals design each template to make your job simple.


Add images and video.

Upload your own photos or videos to Vimeo’s meme maker online. Or choose media from our stock library to help it come to life.


Design your meme.

Use numerous design tools to customize your meme. Add text, change fonts, or play around with animations and effects.


Save and share your meme.

Save your meme from our meme video maker or share it directly to your social media channels. You can also grab an embed code for your website.

Create memes for your business that are destined to go viral. 

People design memes to go viral on social media. When you create one for your business that people love, you could build brand awareness and get new followers. Here’s how to make the most out of your next meme.

A video maker creates a meme video from a brand called "Funny Memes" in Vimeo Create

Let your video speak for itself.

When making a meme video, the video clip should do most of the talking before you add words to it. Add a clip that sparks emotion and interest in just a few seconds. Browse Vimeo’s online meme maker library to find video clips if you need inspiration.

Consider your audience.

Different audiences respond to different kinds of memes. Consider whether your audience would latch onto humor, sarcasm, or another type of message best. Your audience may change depending on the purpose of your meme, so consider this each time you make a new one.

Use hashtags.

After making your meme, it’s time to share it with the world. When sharing on social media platforms, use hashtags that fit your ideal audience to get more eyes on your meme. Look for relevant trending hashtags for each platform you choose to use.

Frequently asked questions.

How can I create my own meme video?

Forget using a meme generator online and use Vimeo Create instead. Vimeo helps you design your next viral meme in minutes with multiple tools, premade templates, and a full stock library of images and video clips to engage your audience with.

What is a meme video?

A meme video uses a quick video clip rather than an image as the meme’s visual. Video memes typically have a small amount of text that goes along with the video to create something funny, heartwarming, or witty. Video memes have the power to capture attention even quicker than image-based memes.

How do you make a meme go viral?

Crafting a meme that resonates with your audience is the most important factor in whether it goes viral. Tailor your meme to your ideal audience by using emotion, humor, or whatever it is that draws them in. Keep your text short and clear to get the best response. Try Vimeo’s meme maker for free to create a well-designed, eye-catching meme.

Make a meme today.